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Physical Therapy


Excel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. provides quality physical therapy services in our clinic. We created an individualized plan of care for our patient. Every one receives "one-on-one" full 60 minutes physical treatment with one of our licensed physical therapists.


​Excel guaranteesRehabilitation Services, Inc. guarantees to see the patient for an initial evaluation within 24 hours.


Treatment for individualized physical therapy programs may include:



- Electrical Stimulation

- Ultrasound

- Jonophoresis

- Phonophoresis

- Heat Treatment

- Cryotheraphy (Ice)
- Parafin Treatment

- Laser Therapy

Therapeutic exercises

- Balance - coordination

- Postural Corrections

- Gait Disorder

- Stretching and Strengthening Exercises Programs


Manual therapy

- Joint Mobilization

- Manual Stretches

- Massage



Joint Injury and Replacement


After surgery or injury muscles become weak and joints stiff. For this reason it is important for patients to begin a stretching and strengthening exercises to get back to functional status. Excel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. will help patients to quickly gain back their strength and flexibility.


Medical conditions treated in our clinics:


Hip Problems

- Replacements

- Hip Fractures

- Muscle Strains


Knee Problems

- Relacements

- Ligament Injuries

- Dislocated Kneecap

- Bursitis


Foot Problems

- Ankle Sprain

- Plantar Fasciitis

- Achilles Tendon Disorders


Upper Extremity Problem

- Replacemet

- Frozen Shoulder

- Rotator Cuff

- Carpal

- Tunnel Syndrome

- Bursitis


Neck and Back Problem

- Disc Disorders

- Muscle Strain

- Spinal Stenosis



Sport Injuries


Geriatric physical therapy focused on wide variety of condition facing adults as they go through the aging process, but is usually focused on the older. There are many conditions that affect us as grow older and include but are not limited to:


- Arthritis

- Muscle Weakness

- Cancer

- Alzheimer's, Disease

- Hip and Joint Replacement

- Balance Disorders

- Incontinence

- Home Program Exercises 



Excel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. can help reduce pain and inflammation through some treatments.


- Electrical Stimulation

- Ultrasound

- Ionophoresis

- Laser Therapy

- Therapeutic Exercises


Workers Compensation Program


We provide Back to Work Injury Program. 


- Functional Evaluation

- Physical Therapy



Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

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